Aerospace Welding

Sunstone's Aerospace Welders

Sunstone's expertise in providing precision, power, and versatility makes finding the right aerospace welder easy. Whether the job requires fine control of micro spot welds, or increased power for larger applications, Sunstone has a welder that meets the needs of many aerospace welding requirements.

Our new welder product line has been updated to include added control and technology for increased reliability, safety, and longevity. Operators have increased abilities to create and form the perfect weld, and companies can benefit from knowing their equipment is equipped with Sunstone Technology and is able to meet their individually specific needs.

A detailed listing of specific aerospace welding applications is found below.

Aerospace Welding Applications:

  • Aerospace Honeycomb Tack Welding
  • Turbine Component Welding
  • Solar Panel and Cell Construction
  • Aerospace Engine Sensors (e.g. Thermocouples)
  • Instrumentation
  • Exotic Metal Combinations
  • Interconnects
  • RF Devices
  • Gold Ribbon Bonding