More Profitable

More Profitable – The foundational value of Sunstone Engineering is to develop and market welding solutions that are affordable for our customers. However, it is equally important to ensure each product is high-tech and versatile enough to meet the demands of the resistance welding market.

Each welder designed and manufactured by Sunstone Engineering is the leading welding solution in the marketplace when it comes to price, design, versatility, productivity and quality. Since each unit is designed to this specification, users save money during the initial purchase as well as over the life of the product. Here are other ways to be more profitable with Sunstone:

  • Lower upfront cost for each unit means you can purchase more units increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Save money by purchasing from Sunstone Engineering and put that money toward other investments or to help with cash flow.
  • Each Sunstone welding solution is high-tech and easy to use. Users can start welding immediately and will have customization options that improve efficiencies.
  • Use Sunstone’s experienced engineering team lead by Dr. Aaron Astle, PhD. If you are working on a difficult project let our experienced team help you save time and find the right solution.